Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Usurpation of Me

Who is this "Me" that keeps emailing me?

Each email is vaguely familiar when I receive it.

And, this person tends to email me quite often right after I've emailed myself.

Is the "Me" that keeps emailing me, me?

I'm not quite sure.

You see, I'm not within my computer, nor within my computer internet software, nor within my emailing program. There's no "me" in there.

But "Me" keeps emailing me.

Why doesn't the email say it is from, "You," where you is not you, but me, but as being spoken to by my emailing program.

I use Gmail, personally.

Gmail is not me.

It has no actual domain over me.

Gmail can refer to me as, "You" or even, "James."

I'm okay with being on a first name basis with Gmail, or with Gmail letting me know that I emailed myself.

But I'm not sure if Gmail can tell me that "Me" has emailed me.

Because, I'm not Gmail.

You see?